Photo scripts

Accordion - PSP Script $5.99

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Max: 1

Accordion - PSP Script

Imagine that you have a large road map, and you need it folded and unfolded. What would it look like? This script will actually fold any image...
Blueprint - PSP Script $5.99

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Max: 1

Blueprint - PSP Script

You can turn any building, structure or object photo into an architect's blueprint. You will have the option to adjust the various settings for...
Blurred Fill - PSP Script $5.99

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Blurred Fill - PSP Script

This script will allow you to create a new image to fit inside a different shape than your original image. It will replicate the effect we often see...
Book Cover - PSP Script $5.99

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Book Cover - PSP Script

Whether you are a designer who wants to showcase quick pages or templates, or a scrapbooker who wants to show off their completed page in a...
Corduroy - PSP Script $6.00

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Corduroy - PSP Script

Add a corduroy texture to any element, whatever the color, shape, or size. The script will create wales in three different combinaisons: either even...
Curved photo - PSP script $6.00

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Curved photo - PSP script

You have certainly seen some templates where you can just pop in your photo but looks like it is bent. But this script, will not only make your photo...
Custom Slats - PSP Script $5.99

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Custom Slats - PSP Script

Slats are fun ways to display photos or use as a background.  This script is a time saver as you can generate random designs quickly, or you can...
Denim - PSP script $4.99

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Denim - PSP script

Imagine seeing your favorite picture on a custom made denim bag. Well, this script will make your dream almost come true. In fact, the script will...
Dispersion - PSP script $5.99

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Max: 1

Dispersion - PSP script

You can create a unique effect of dispersing parts of your photo into a cloud of colored dust. You can choose any photo and select the area you want...
Duotone - PSP Script $5.99

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Duotone - PSP Script

Add a little extra to your photos by converting them to a two tone image. You can choose any color combination to obtain various effects. You can use...
Film Strip - PSP Script $5.99

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Max: 1

Film Strip - PSP Script

If you have several photos, you can now place them into a film strip very easily. This script will create a 3600 pixel long strip. You can have...
Fire Work - PSP Script $5.99

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Max: 1

Fire Work - PSP Script

Do you want to add fire to your photo but can't find an overlay with the design that matches your photo? This script will allow you to add flames...
Folded photo #1 - PSP script $5.99

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Max: 1

Folded photo #1 - PSP script

This script will digitally create a double fold on any picture or photo. You can choose to have a neat, well-centered set of folds, or go wild and...
Folded photo #2 - PSP script $5.99

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Max: 1

Folded photo #2 - PSP script

This script will digitally create a single fold on any picture or photo. You can choose to have it horizontal, vertical or randomly...
Jersey Knit - PSP Script $6.00

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Jersey Knit - PSP Script

It is really fun to have a favorite photo or design turned into a knitted project. Of course, that is a lot of work to do in real life but with this...
Jigsaw Puzzle - PSP Script $5.99

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Max: 1

Jigsaw Puzzle - PSP Script

If you want to turn a photo into a jigsaw puzzle, you can easily add an overlay, but you probably want more. This script will turn any rectangular...
Layered Pyramid - PSP script $6.00

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Layered Pyramid - PSP script

You can now create hybrid cards or imitate the look in your scrap layout with this script. You can create those layered pyramids using up to 10...
Mask Maker - PSP Script $5.99

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Mask Maker - PSP Script

You can now create unique and custom masks from any vector shape and your favorite brushes. Whether you want a round mask or a rectangular one, or...
Mirror Mirror - PSP script $6.00

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Mirror Mirror - PSP script

Create some faded mirror images from any photo, element, shape or text. Add this effect to simulate a reflection in the water, or on a polished...
Multiple photo split - PSP script $6.00

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Multiple photo split - PSP script

Do you want to have a photo split in several pieces to create an interesting montage? This script will give you several options to do just that. You...


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