VectorTube script

This script is a staple in using Picture tubes. By using it, you can place any tube of your choice along a vector path, whether it is a preset shape, a path created with the Pen tool or even a text.


Save this script in the Restricted folder. 

Check out How to use the VectorTube script

Pixelnook has been a gold mine of scripts for Paintshop Pro users. Gary Barton has been instrumental in coding those scripts or updating scripts created by other JASC experts (when the scripting functionality was added to Paintshop Pro, the program was owned by JASC).

All of the scripts on the old Pixelnook site have been given for free to anyone who wanted to use them, and they have been used by many PSP users. Recently, the site has been taken down and this resource would be lost, however, I chose to continue Gary's work in making those tools still available to the community. All of the scripts are downloadable without having to go through the checkout process, and will always be free.

I take absolutely no credit for those scripts.

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