New script – Stripes #2 – Multicolored


Let this script create multicolored striped patterns. You can choose 2, 3, or 4 base colors and also choose the width of the stripes, the type of contrast between them. You can choose if you want the stripes to be regular or irregular, and their width. You can generate a 200 x 200 pixels tile, or a tagger size page, or a full-size page with those stripes. Since there is a randomization function in the code, it is possible that all the colors you provide are not all included in the end result. But since it is so quick to do, you can generate dozens of patterns in just a few minutes.

Once the paper/tile is done, you also have the option to create a plaid from it (leaving the striped paper intact for better matching). Then, it is up to you to add texture or other effects to your newly created paper.

Available in the store: Stripes 2


Here is a sample of what you can get with the Stripes #2 script. This sampler includes 6 full-size papers. The papers are all plain, with no texture so you can personalize them. They were all made using the palette included.

You can use those papers as you wish (personal or commercial use), and with the palette included, you can create more papers or elements.

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Freebie – Script and Font sampler


Here is a sample of what can be done using the Edge font, and the Colored acrylic script.

The edge font allows you to create decorative edges along any path (straight or shaped). Being a font, it can be used by most graphic programs.

Then, the colored acrylic script will give you sooooooo many possibilities. You can create a clear acrylic if you want, starting with any shape (and the initial shape will remain intact). But you can also choose a different color.

This sampler includes two frames: one clear, one translucent yellow, and one white base template, in case you want to cut out a piece of your favorite paper to put under the frames.

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Check my stores to get the Edge Font, and the Colored Acrylic script.

New script – Colored acrylic

cass_acrylic-coloredDid you ever want to have an acrylic element in a color that match your layout or your kit? Did you ever want such an acrylic to have a specific shape that you didn`t find ready made? With this script, you will be able to use any shape, and create its equivalent in a transparent or translucent acrylic, without altering the original layer. You will get to choose a color, gradient or pattern for the acrylic, and then, you can also choose various opacity level for your element. Basically, you end up with an infinity of possibilities for your acrylic element. 

Available at Creation CasselDo It Digi, Scrapping Whispers,Scraphead, Divine Digital

New product – Edge font


With this font, you can create patterned edges, as if you were using decorative scissors. You get 50 shapes including scallops, diamonds, waves, in various sizes, and you also get 10 irregular shapes that you can combine randomly (they are all under the number keys) for an irregular edge. Use them in a straight line or following a path to get an infinite variety of effect. Use them for the edges of your pages, the edge of mats, frames, or even the edge or your photos. Combine them by alternating two shapes (or more) for very interesting results.

A total of 60 different shapes are in that font.

Availalbe at Creation Cassel, Do It Digi, Scrapping Whispers and Divine Digital

And while at it, check out the draw at DST, here, where you could win this font!

New script – Multi-photo

cass-multiple-photosIf you want to print some pictures multiple times either for handing out or to add to some paper craft or hybric scrap, this script will allow you to get many copies in one single print. This should save you time and mostly money. You can print 8 different combinaisons of photos on a 4 x 6, 8 x 10 or 10 x 14 print.


This script was released last week but since i had some formatting problem with this blog, i was not able to tell you then. It is still available in various stores:

Creation Cassel

Do It Digi

Scrapping Whispers

New script – Stray pixel catcher

cass-stray-pixel-catcherIn just a few seconds, this script will eliminate single stray pixels. In a second step, it will indicate which areas still have some groups of pixels that might or might not belong there. Since YOU choose the contrasting color to use, those will be much easier to see. Once you have deleted those extra pixels, run the script a second time to remove the colored indicator. This can be a perfect tool for scrappers and designers. And if you do some quality checking, this tool will save you a lot of time and improve the quality of the products.

This is a VERY handy tool for PSP users.

It is available at:

Creation Cassel, Do It Digi and Divine Digital

There is also a RAK available here if you want to try to win it.

Stitching fonts

cass-basic-stitches-font  cass-deco-stitches-font

I created these fonts after several customers asked me to code scripts to add some stitchings to shapes. I figured that since you can use "-" to make some kind of stitching, and then play with the size, kerning, offset, leading, etc. to get various results, why not do a whole set of stitches as dingbats? I had fun looking through pages and pages of various stitchings available for sewing machines, and sites for handstitching too. So that lead me to create those. There are 50 different stitches in each set. And also, each set includes one "neat" version of the stitches and one "grungy" version.

The basic stitches include straight, slanted, overlock, zigzag, blind, blanket stitchings and more.

The decorative stitches include scallops, diamonds, feather, stretch, flowers, honeycombs, and more.

Since they are fonts, you can also combine them, you can also use them along a path as you would do with any text. That will give you the option of making stitches along ANY shape you want, whether it is a preset shape, a text or a freehand path. Add your own texture, add a bevel, add a shadow. Choose exactly the color you want as there is no greyscale element to colorise.cass-deco-stitches-font-600

See what Guyloup did with this set of fonts.


And i also released a set of PSP brushes WITH a png format set too. A set of ABR brush is in the testing right now for Photoshop users.

Get those stitches at Creation Cassel.

Multi-tool script for PSP


In just a few seconds, you can "clean up" your multiple layers. Whether you are working on a layout or any other project, you might end up with some empty layers, some hidden ones, some layers linked together, and most likely, layers called "raster/vector" with totally mixed numbers. Well, this script will help you. It will delete all empty layers (they just take up space). It will delete hidden layers; if you are hiding them, maybe you dont need them. It will re-number the layers: keeping their attribute of "raster" or "vector", they will be numbered starting at one on top. It will unlink all the layers; maybe you linked some layers but dont need that anymore.

Available at

Creation Cassel, Scrapping Whispers, Scraphead, Divine Digital

Stripes #1 – PSP script

cass-stripes1Get a striped or plaid paper in seconds. Starting with a base color, you will get several options to choose from, to create a 250 x 250 tile, a 1000 x 1000 tagger size paper or a 3600 x 3600 full size paper. Run the script several times, and always get a different combination. And in the end, you can keep the stripes, or make it into a plaid. With all the options available, you have over 100 possible combinations, plus a randomized result. Add your own texture if you want, add an overlay or apply other effects. A great way to create matching striped/plaid papers for a kit.

Available at CreationCassel, Scraphead, Scrapping Whispers, Divine Digital