Christmas Lights – PSP Tubes

Christmas light picture tubes for Paintshop ProHow about adding some Christmas lights to your project?

If you are looking for ready made elements, they might be the wrong color for your goal, or the wrong length, or the wrong shape.

But with these tubes, you can "draw" a light string any way you want.

You get a total of 12 sets to play with and combine if you want.

Get them in the store: Christmas Lights

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Christmas Lights FrameAs a sampler, I created several oval frames using 5 monochrome sets and one multicolored set.

All the sets are drawn along the exact same path so you can overlap some frames to combine 2 or 3 colors that you might prefer.

All the frames are in PNG format.

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7 thoughts on “Christmas Lights – PSP Tubes”

  1. This script would be fabulous for a lot of Christmas projects for example:

    1. They would look good as a stand alone frame or added to the outside of an existing frame.

    2. They would also look fabulous wrapped around a christmas tree element.

    3. You could add them to a paper as an overlay.

    4. You could add them to any images you create with a Christmas theme.

    Just a few of the ways I would use this script.


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