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Wax alpha script for Paintshop ProIf you want to add a touch of elegance or a formal look to a project, you might be looking for a wax seal. However, what you will find is often a set of ready-made seals that will not have the color you are looking for, or the font you wish it had. Or, you might find seal templates that will give an identical shape to all the seals you would create from them.

This script will do just what you need: you can pick the color that perfectly matches the color palette you are using; you can choose any letter, digit, punctuation marks you want (or generate a blank seal to add other designs); you can even choose any font you want, whether it is a simple Arial font, or something more elegant or formal.

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Wax seal alphabetDo you want to add some wax titles to your projects? You can use this complete alphabet made of blue wax.

This alphabet includes all 26 letters, 10 digits (for dates or age), a hyphen and a blank seal.

Each seal is about 450 pixels wide and you can resize them as needed.

Add a ribbon underneath, or place the seal on the edge of a paper element to act as a fastener for another use of them.

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