New tubes – Fence links

Fence Links tubesWhat could you do with a custom fence made of interlocking links in the color of your choice and the length of your choice?

But the biggest question is where to find such a perfect fence? You can now create it yourself with this set of picture tubes. Draw the fence straight or curvy with your cursor and the links will magically attach together.

You get a set of 12 color fence links. You can make your fence in one single color, or you can attach several colors together.

Get these fence links in the store: Fence Links.

What would you do with a chain link fence? Any idea for a project? A theme to use it? Tell me in the comments below and i'll pick a winner next week to be announced in the newsletter. Not a subscriber yet? Not a problem. You can register here and it is free (and you only get one email per week).

Chain link fencesAs a sampler this week, I created 2 fences for you to use. One is blue white and red (perfect for our American friends celebrating the 4th of July, or our French friends for the 14th of July),  and one red and white for my Canadian friends, celebrating on July 1st.

Both fences are a bit over 3000 pixels in length. You can resize them if needed.

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7 thoughts on “New tubes – Fence links”

  1. I love all things Lace and these would be fab as Lace netting made into fancy designs by incorporating fonts or tubes or just plain for tulle net curtains. Would also make great honey combed backgrounds which could be coloured in or left plain as overlays. As I am also a card maker this netting would be perfect for parchment craft pricking designs. Oh my brain is boggling now.

  2. O I love fences. I followed the tutorial on the campus and made a tile with a fence so I could fill a paper with it.
    I also love using it in masks, witht the tile I need to fill an image and then I use the eraser brush to smoothen the edges and paste it behind a mask. With a tube it will be lots easier to use it a bit as a brush

  3. The first thing I thought of when seeing these was how wonderful they would look as part of a trellis or gazebo with flowers and/or vines weaving through it. I also think they would look wonderful used as frames with flowers and/or vines with ribbon intertwined.

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