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Paintshop Pro script to create pinwheel patternCreating designs for seamless tiles is not that hard, but creating many using the same palette without redoing the same one twice is a little be more challenging.

This script is there to help with that.

Starting with your own color palette (up to 8 colors), the script will mix them up and create various combinations for you. Since the pinwheel pattern is a little limited in the number of possible patterns, you might end up with a few repeats but you can just delete them.

You can generate tiles, tagger size papers or full size papers, using the same pattern.

You can also combine two tiles, flip/mirror them, and get a new tile for a different pattern.

A simple, yet versatile pattern.

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cass-Pinwheel-greensFor a sample, i created 8 tiles in the green colors (for St-Patrick month). Each tile is 250x250 pixels and can be scaled up or down as a pattern. You can add a rotation. You can combine two tiles. You can duplicate a single tile and flip/mirror it to create a different pattern.

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