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PSP script to group layersWhenever you work on a particular project, and create many layers, it is a real pain to copy and paste each individual layer onto the new project. Of course, you can group them, but if you have 20, 30 or 100 layers, it can be very time consuming.

This is why I created this script. It will group ALL the layers in an image into ONE group in seconds saving you time that you can use for other projects. Once all the layers are grouped, you can copy and paste it onto your new project. If you need to tweak the individual elements, it is as simple as ungrouping the layers and continue your work.

A simple yet time saving tool for anyone working with many layers on their projects.

Grab this script in the store: Group.

P.S. you might want to bind this script and add it to your layer palette. Check out the video here.

I guess, since this script is free, there is no point in drawing for a winner to get it for ... free. But, i would still love to hear what you think of this script or maybe your ideas for other quick and time saving command combinations that could be turned into a script.

cass-Cookies-Letters-SymbolsAs a sampler, i obviously can't sample this script as it would just need to be applied to your own projects. But since i had a very good response to the Cookie Digits, a few weeks ago, i thought it might be time to get the matching alphabet for you.

So i created a matching alphabet with uppercase, and a set of symbols that you might use. I love this font called Fatty, as it has a shape that is uneven, just like cookies might be (at least mine).

You need to be logged in to download this sample. You can either login, or register on the top of this page.

Can i challenge you to use those cookies in a project and show it to me? And it would be great if Alex (at the Corel office) could see how creative you can be using PSP. Post your project on their FB page, and tag it with #FanFriday.



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