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Granite can be used in many ways, and although the first thing might be tombstones, it is still a material that has other associations. Imagine making a path with irregular shape stones. Or maybe you have a stone wall and would like to simulate a date engraved in it.

Whatever the theme you are working on, you can use one of those three granite texture to turn any shape into a permanent, and solid element!

You can have a light grey, a dark grey or a pink granite. Use any shape you want. Add an outline, or another detail to engrave or keep it plain.

Perfect to turn letters and shapes into granite element, but you can also use a simple shape and then engrave the letters or designs in it.

You can get this script in the store: Granite script.

As for a giveaway, as usual, leave a comment below, and tell me what element would you create using this script? I will be back next week with the name of a winner.

cass-Granite-DigitsTo give you a taste of what this script can do, i created a set of digits on a simple ellipse shape. I chose the option to add design/text on it, to engrave the digits. And i left you a blank one, just in case you wanted to do something else with it. With those digits, you should be able to put a date, or a year, or a birthday number.

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9 thoughts on “New script – Granite”

  1. This could be useful in so many ways. Making a tombstone element for a Halloween page, unique stepping stones for a page featuring my garden, or a wall of some sort with stars with my Grands name engraved in stone for a received award at school. Just a few things I would use this script for. Thank you

  2. I have holiday snaps of castles and churches, complete and in ruins, and this script would be useful for titles. I can also think of using it with a fairy tale theme (3 Little Pigs or perhaps photos of a building project (new house or garden). Other holiday snaps I have are of streams bubbling over rocks and the light grey would be perfect for titling my photos of the black opal mines of Lightning Ridge.

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