New tubes — Seed Beads 2


This week, i am bringing you some more beads, but this time, they are opaque, and in a softer palette.

You get those bead spills at your fingertip as you can just draw with your mouse and the beads will be spilled along that path. No need to click dozens or hundreds of times to have that many beads on your project.

You get 5 colors: ivory, rose, plum, emerald and aqua. And you get two sets for each: one to spray the beads all around and one to have regular strings of beads. And you also get one set of multicolored bead spray.

Do you want more colors? Keep an eye on the store as more are coming.

You can grab this set of Opaque Seed Beads picture tubes in my store. Sorry PS users, but this is unique to PSP!

cass-SeedBeads2-SampleAs a free sample, this week, i decided to use these tubes in a different way than last week.

I opted to create a locket. How did i do it? Simple:

- i created a vector heart shape and used a gold tile as an outline and no fill. That outline was then converted to a raster and added a bevel.

- with a copy of the same vector shape, i set it for a solid fill and no outline. Once i converted it to a raster, i ran the Colored Acrylic script to give that particular “glass” look (even if i used only the plain one without any color).

- on separate layers, i sprayed pink and read seed beads. I reduced the step value so the beads would be closers, and i used several layers of beads so i could add a drop shadow on each layer.

- i deleted any extra bead that ended up outside the locket.

- finally, i added a chain with the Gold Chains directional tube.


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