New script – Plaid 2


No more wasting time picking colors, drawing lines, and repeating the process to only get a single plaid pattern.

This script will turn your Paintshop Pro into a plaid pattern generator (and a time saver at the same time). Start with the color palette you want to use, run the script, pick the colors, pick some options like the size of the pattern and the texture, and let the script do the work.

You can see the script randomly picking the colors (it is fun to watch), and then turning all those dots into a fun and unique plaid. With the randomness coded in the script, you will NEVER get the same pattern twice.

You can generate any number of patterns. Keep asking for more as long as you want. Keep the ones you like, discard the others. Since all the tiles would use the same basic color palette, you are sure they will all match together, and with other elements and papers from your kit, or your page.

Grab this time saving script in my store under the name of Plaid 2.

Of you prefer to create a plaid based on an actual picture, so you can match those colors, you can always use the Plaid 1 script.

Do you want this script for free? Head over to the Happy Place, in this thread and add your name to it. How long do you think it would take you to create 10 different plaid patterns using the same color palette?

cass-Plaid2-sample-SweetFebThis week, as a sampler of what can be done with this script, i decided to give you a little teaser too. The February 2014 DST Blog Train will use a palette that includes red, brown, beige and blue. Although i am not participating in the Blog Train, i decided to create 10 tiles that are based on the color palette. Once you get all the pieces from the blog train, you can combine them with these tiles and create something even more fun.

Each tile is 250 x 250 pixels and they are obviously seamless. Use them straight or at a 45 degree angle for even more fun effects.

Some are darker, some are lighter, so have more red, some have less. But you cannot deny that they all match together so imagine how they will look with the papers and elements from the blog train!


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What do you want in 2014?

The script created this week was suggested by Carolyn who liked the original plaid script but wanted to use her own colors, and more colors than the Stripes 2 would also allow. She suggested this script in the January contest.

What is YOUR suggestion?

You only have a few days left to add your suggestions of scripts, fonts, or tubes for me to create and put in the store. Remember that if you suggest something, and i end up working on it, not only you get to test it, give your input, and ask for various options to be integrated, but you also get it FREE, and before everyone else too!

ADD your suggestion TODAY

It could be an action you saw for Photoshop and you would like the same thing in PSP

It could be an existing script that you would like to have more options, or different effets.

It could be a photo effect you saw in a layout in a gallery and would like to replicate it.

It could be a way to apply some designs to certain surface.

It could be a way to create objects but with your own settings and colors.

It could be a script to create objects but with some randomness to them.

It could be a font that you only dreamed of and does not exist yet.

It could be a tube to draw various types of elements that are nearly impossible by hand.

Com’on, what do you want to see in the store, in 2014?

ADD your suggestion TODAY

Do like Carolyn did!

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