New tubes – Halloween Garlands


Halloween is coming and you need some seasonal decorations but you cannot find the element in the right length, or the right color, or the right shape.

With these garlands, you simply “draw” the shape you want, or doodle to fill in an area with a special texture.

You get a total of 16 tubes, in four colors and 4 “shades” for each of them.

You can write letters with them, you can create an outline, you can use them to attach elements. Change the size and you can turn them into ropes, and more.

Grab this set of Garland tubes in my store.


cass-GarlandSet2-SamplersNow, how about a little look closer at those garlands and their texture? I created a few Halloween decorations for you using those garlands.

With the help of some drop shadows, that pumpkin has some interesting 3D effect, don’t you think?

All those elements are in png format, so you can use them in any graphic program (you don’t need to use PSP to use those).

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