New tubes – Zippers set#4


Zippers, zippers, zippers. We use zippers everywhere now. Of course, we see zippers on clothing, like coats, jackets, pants, dresses, but we also use zippers in upholstery (to wash those cushion covers), in purses, luggage, and more. Now, you can even add them to your scrapbook pages too.

These zippers are the 4th set. They are made of 3 directional tubes: one for the closed teeth, one for the left open teeth and one for the right open teeth. This means that you can “draw” your zipper as long as you want, and in any direction or shape you want. You can have it mostly open, or mostly closed, you can join two different “fabrics”, you can have a photo peek through, etc.

And the pulls are made in two files too: one is the layered base so you can slip a pull as realistically as you can. And of course, each zipper as its original pull to match. But you can surely mix and match, especially if you can recolor them. Play with the shadowing to get great looks. Add decorative elements to the pull, just like we can see in real zippers, whether it is a monogram, a string of beads, or other creative add-on. What would you do with those?

You can grab this set of zippers in my store: Creation Cassel.

Have a look at the other three sets of zippers you can also grab.

cass-ZipperSet1 cass-ZippersSet2 cass-ZipperSet3

I have a giveaway in the DST forum where you can win the latest zipper set. Check out this thread, and tell me if you ever used a directional tube before, and if so, which one. I will be back on Monday night with the name of a winner.


This week,  i just created a simple zipper for you using the white set. The various elements are in layered format so you can change the pull, move it, even shadow the elements differently. There is a separate shadow layer for the pull shadow, but you can surely modify it, or even replace it if you want.

With the hollow pull, you can surely add a design in the middle, fill in the hole and draw something, or attach a bunch of decorative elements, like beads, strings or ribbons. What will YOU do?

This is offered in PSD format so most non-PSP users can still use it. It is pretty large (3600 pixels high) so you can size it down to meet your need.

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