New script – Alpha-Beads 2


Unlike the previous Alpha-Beads script, this one will generate a different type of beads, but the basis is the same: you choose the font, the text, the color of the bead, the color of the text, the transparency. You can also choose whether you want the colors (of the beads or the text or both) to be all the same, or using multiple colors and if using more than one color, if you want them in sequence or randomly picked.

You can type in any word or phrase, and the script will create a bead for each character, whether it is a letter, a digit, a symbol or a space. You can also create blank beads, or a bead where you will add your own design that is not in a font format.

These beads give the impression of being slightly indented. Attach them with a string, a pin, a toothpick, a chain, or glue them on their own to create dates, names, phrases, titles, etc.

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This week, i created a simple and versatile set of alpha beads with digits, a blank and a few symbols that can let you create dates.

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