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Do you like glitters? Do you like all those “styles” available for Photoshop and wonder if you could ever find something like that for Paintshop Pro? Now you have your answer.

A while ago, i released a script that made a glitter tile, but i have to admit, it needed some upgrade: the tile was small, it used the seamless function in PSP which gave that diagonal fading effect. All in all, it was outdated. So i decided to create a totally new script to make seamless tiles (REALLY seamless, as there is no fading, no blending).

With more advanced coding, you even have options of colors and color combinations too. You can get a monochrome colored tile, which will varie between the chosen color and white. You can have a bicolored tile where you choose the two colors that the script will blend together, and finally, you can get a cass-Glitters-B-01multicolored tile where you choose one color and the script will vary the hue to the point of creating many colors, all around that base one you picked.

As if getting a seamless tile is not enough, you also get the brush presets to create the matching glitters, in a scattered format. Use it to draw lines, doodles, frames, edges, fill in shapes, etc. You get one preset for each type of glitters.

You can grab this product in my store : Creation Cassel


Do you want to win this set? You can just add your name to the Happy Place thread HERE and tell me if you would more likely use the script to create seamless tiles, or the presets to create scattered glitters. And on Monday night, i will draw for a winner who will get this amazing set.cass-GlittersB-holiday


Do you want to see these glitters up close? I created 3 seamless tiles using basic colors and also some elements made out of scattered glitters with the brush presets. They are Christmas-y colors, and of course, the tree might be pretty seasonal but the heart and the star can be used as frames if you want to place them on, or around a photo, or even some journaling.

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The recording for last week’s presentation on basic extraction techniques should be available later today. Those who purchased the Master Class should get the whole package ready today or tomorrow at the latest. Did you see what we did in that presentation?

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Did you start the Calendar Making Class yet? We have had many new members in the Campus who registered for that class. After all, it is free, so why not start on your Christmas presents?

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