New script – Quick tiles


Do you sometimes run out of ideas to create patterned papers? This script will help you pass that designer’s block. Open any photo, image or colored doodle, and run the script. You can generate up to 25 tiles in one run. Every run will give you a different set of tiles as there are several random functions integrated: a random area will be picked in the image, random settings to create the pattern, and random settings for the seamless feature if you choose it.

This tool will help Paintshop Pro users create a ton of interesting patterns, very quickly. In fact, you can get those 25 tiles in less than one minute! With all those tiles generated, keep the ones you like, delete the others. If you dont have enough, run the script again. Simple!

Due to a technical glitch, the script is not yet available in the stores, but it will be soon. I will update this post as soon as the script is available.

cass-QuickTiles-samplesAlthough it is not available for purchase, it is available to win! Check out this thread in the DST forum and simply go add your name to it with a comment about the script. Just that. No hoops to jump through, no long math problem. Just add a comment. I will be back on Monday with the name of a winner.

As for a sample, this week, i am giving you 10 tiles that were generated from the photo in the script preview. Use those tiles to create your own papers. Adjust the scale and the angle to get different effects. Add a texture, an overlay, etc. What will you do with them? Show me your layouts!

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