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Basic Ricrac Ribbon - PSP Script

Create a basic ricrac ribbon starting with any lenght or width of your own ribbon. You can choose your favorite color or gradient. WARNING: patterns ... more info
Edge Magic - PSP script

Add volume and a stricking effect with this script. Darken or lighten the edge of any shape, paper or element in a blink of an eye. Run the script ... more info
Getting Started with PSP

When you first start your Paintshop Pro, you might be a little lost. This is a set of 3 guidebooks that will help you get started and feel more ... more info
Group - PSP Script

Are you working on a montage and wish you could move all the elements and layers as one onto another project? Did you run a script that ended up in ... more info
Label #1 - PSP script sampler

Create your own basic white label, 1000 x 200 pixels. Choose the color for the contrasting top part. If you want more options, check the Label #1 ... more info
Mirror & Flip - PSP Scripts

With the release of PSP X4, the Mirror and Flip commands ran differently than with previous versions. While in PSPX3 and before, the Mirror and Flip ... more info
Open A Copy - PSP Script

No more accidentally working on your original photo. No more auto-save that over-writes your original. No more auto-save that is not really saving ... more info
Open As A Layer - PSP Script

If you ever worked on a project, and had to open an image (or photo or other element), copy it, paste it as a new layer onto your project, close the ... more info
Polaroid frame - PSP script

This script will add this border that simulates those old "Polaroid" photos on any picture you will provide. Use the larger area to add a ... more info
Punched - PSP Script

Quickly create a cutout effect on any shape you want, whether the layer is raster or vector letting you "see" a lower layer. SImply select ... more info
Smooth Overlay - PSP Script

Do you want to add a subtle texture to an otherwise plain paper?  This script will generate a random variegated grey overlay that you can then ... more info
Snap On - PSP Script

Do you want to align elements together, but you struggle to set the guides based on one existing element on your project? Do you want to align ... more info
Striking Photo - PSP Script

Do you have some photos (recent or older) that seem dull and dark? This script will lighten and brighten the colors of your photos in one operation. ... more info
Switch It All - PSP script

Use this utility script to flip or mirror all the layers of an image, a function that is missing from PSP. No more flipping/mirroring the layers one ... more info
Watermarking - PSP Script

Do you have lots of images on your computer? Do you want to protect your photos when you place them on your blog, a gallery or anywhere else? Do you ... more info
Gift Certificate

Price: $1.00

Purchase a Gift Certificate to hand out to your friends or colleagues. Enter the amount you want to purchase in the box below. once you purchase the ... more info
Spiral Binding #2 - PSP Tubes

Create your own books, notebook, or other bound element with these spiral binding tubes. You get 4 sets of tubes to create a variety of bindings: one ... more info
Preview Box - PSP script

Create a custom made preview box to showcase any of your products. The script will offer you three basic formats: horizontal, vertical and square. ... more info
Ribbon Tabs - PSP Script

Do you have straight ribbons but wish you had a folded version? But if you have a folded version, how do you insert an element or a tag between the ... more info
Collage Maker - PSP Script

You want to display several layouts at once? Here is a very handy tool for you. Add small images 250, 400 or 600 pixels wide on a single large image. ... more info
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