New script – Streaks

Streaking colors script for PaintShop ProWith graphic programs, we can manipulate images in ways that the camera itself cannot do. With this script, you can add streaks from your image, to convey a sense of movement, speed, or displacement. Then, you can also manipulate those streaks to give some wave effects, to show elements through, to fade its colors, etc. So many ways this can be manipulated.

You can apply this effect to any photo, in any of the four basic directions, and you can also have the ends of the streaks reach the edge of the image or not, for different effects.

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Stitched ribbons in png formatFor a sample, of course, I cannot use my photos as they would likely be useless to you. So I decided to create some stitched ribbons for you using the Two-Tone Stitches from last week. I started with a basic greyscale ribbon, added the stitches on both edges, added texture, bevel, and shadows, and then, with the warp brush, I modified the stitching line so it would follow the uneven edges of the ribbon, for a more "realistic" look.

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