New products – Lined Papers


Do you see those Photoshop styles everywhere and wish you could use them in Paintshop Pro? This time, I created a set of 9 lined paper seamless tiles that you can use as you wish from the Material palette, but it also has 9 sculpture presets that you can use to apply to a solid color shape (any shape) with predetermined settings (that is why they are preset, right?)

Since the tiles are seamless, you can use them to floodfill any shape of any size. Of course, you can manipulate them further by adding some writing, doodling, stains, creases, tears, and more. You can colorize them to tint them in a color to match your photo, your layout or your kit.

The patterns and the presets are inside folders and if you save the whole folders (instead of the individual files), you will have them all neatly sorted and available inside a Category you can pick in the Presets or the Material. No more need to scroll endlessly, especially if you have lots of those in your resources.

Although they are not in .asl format, Photoshop users can easily convert the patterns which are simply in jpg format.

You can get this set of 9 patterns and presets in my store: Creation Cassel.

If you want a chance to get this set for free, hop over to the Happy Place in this thread and tell me what else than writing on, would you use lined papers in a layout. I will pick a winner on Monday night.

cass-LinedPaper-SampleThis week, as a sample for this product, i am offering you one tile with one preset (for PSP) and one full size page for everyone else (of course, PSP users can still use it). Do you remember that time when dark papers were popular and kids would use gel pens in neon colors to write on them? Now you can do the same. The tile and the presets work exactly as the lined paper tiles above.

Jennifer had fun playing with this paper sample and added some doodling.

If you are curious to know how the ripped edge was made, i can tell you my secret: it is a font. I used the RippedEdge font that you can use to create any paper edge that will look ripped from a spiral binding, whether it is from the top or the side. You can find that font in my store HERE.

Do you want to do the same? Simply click on the preview to start downloading the tile, the preset and the full page.

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cass-OpenACopyDid you miss my post last week? Probably, because i skipped last week. Why? Because i felt bad not to have a freebie for you to download. Last week, i released a tool-script that will open, duplicate, save the duplicate with a new name (adding –copy to its name) and closing the original. All that, so that the Auto-save function can actually save your work and spare your original from accidental auto-save. It is still available in the store and it is FREE.

Of course, you can do the same steps manually, but you want to do something else than those tedious technical tasks, don’t you? In addition, if you bind the script and add the icon on your menu bar, you can get the whole process in ONE click. That beats doing it manually doesn’t it?

New script – Textured Overlay


Sometimes, you might have a collection of overlays and want to use them but you dont want all your papers to look exactly the same. One solution? You grunge them a bit. However, it is long to randomly delete areas, change the angle of the eraser tip, change the size, or even change the eraser tip altogether. This script for Paintshop Pro will do all the work for you. What do you have to do? Open the overlay, run the script, pick the eraser tip and decide if you want to erase a little or a lot. That’s it. The script will erase dozens or hundreds of times, randomly, while you just watch.

You can continue running the script as long as you want to remove as much as you want. This is the perfect tool if you want to use a consistent texture across a set of papers without having the exact same look on each of them. Since there is a random feature coded in the script, you will ALWAYS get a different end result even if you start with the same overlay and eraser tip.

See what other results you can get with multiple runs of the script using the same settings and eraser tip (you can then play with the opacity and the blending to get yet, a different result):

cass-TexturedOverlay1  cass-TexturedOverlay2

You can get this script in my store: Creation Cassel.

As usual, this script is also available to win. Check out this thread in the Happy Place forum and add your name to the thread (remember to answer the question from the first post!). A winner will be announced on Monday night.



As a free sample, i created these three holiday themed papers using a texture image i scanned and ran that texture layer through the script to get 3 different results. Since i lowered the opacity a lot, the end result is a subtle texture.

They are all 3600 x 3600 pixels so you can use them as background papers for a layout, for a Christmas card, or you can cut them to create holiday gift tags, name tags, frames, etc.

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New script – Quick Tiles 2


Last week, i promised to have a new script that would be a perfect companion to the Quick Tiles script. Well, this is it. This time, the script will create tone-on-tone seamless tiles from your image. Just like the other script, this one offers you options. The tiles you will get will have only subtle patterns that might not even show if you only look at the tile, but floodfill any larger surface and you will see that design appear. You can run both scripts on the same image and get perfectly matching papers. How neat is that? Again, this script is only for Paintshop Pro users (sorry Photoshop gals!)

You can get this script in either one of my stores: Creation Cassel and DigiScrapWarehouse.

Do you want a chance to win it? I started a thread in the Happy Place of the DST forum where you can go and add your name. Just answer the question “how do you create tone-on-tone papers?”cass-QuickTiles2-samples

Last week, i let you have 10 seamless patterned tiles created when i was making the preview. This week, i will do the same. Since i am starting with the same image, this week’s tiles will match last week’s. They are all 400x400 jpg tiles. Use them with various scale and angle settings for very different results. I would LOVE to see how you would use all those tiles in a layout. Can you do that? Show it to me.

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New script – Stamped Paper


You can now create any size paper with any brushtip that you have. You choose any color palette (from 2 to 6 colors), the size, and the settings. You can opt to have all the “prints” in the same angle (like for text) or various random rotations. You can have all the “prints” using exactly the same settings that you set, or let the script vary the size, the saturation, etc. Try using this script with a texture brush to create your own textured overlay. Since the script uses a random feature, you will never get the same result twice. Run the script once, or continue to add more layers. In the end, use any layer you want, and delete the others. Apply effects to individual layers if you want. Change the blend mode for more possibilities.

The “stamped” layers will be added on a separate layer, so your initial image will be untouched. That means you can even run the script directly on your layout as you work!

You can get it in my stores: Creation Cassel and DigiScrapWarehouse.cass-StampedPaper-samples

And if you want a chance to win this script, hop over the DST forum and add your name to the RAK thread there.

And how about a few papers made with this script? I got a little pack of 3 papers for you, that were made with this script. You can see the end result of one run using the brushtip always at the same angle, and two with varied settings, including the angle of rotation.

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And remember, you can use this FREE paper to create a layout and enter the February Promotion contest.