Free gift – Year 2010


If you want to wrap up your year 2010, here is a little template for you to do so. It includes 8 individual layers (in PSD format), so you can use each of them to include pictures, text, notes, etc. The whole template is 6 inches high so there is enough room to get lots of details. Print and glue onto thick cardboard, cut out and bind as you wish. A great way to send a summary of the kids’ year to grandma, or for themselves later on.

This word album was created using the Word Album script (in case you want more albums with different words) and it is available to you in PSD format, meaning that Paintshop Pro users and Photoshop users can enjoy it.

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Holiday Sample – Wreath


Following the two articles on tubes, i thought it would be appropriate to show you how tubes CAN be used to create an item. So i made this holiday wreath for you.

The green part is actually made from my green garland tubes simply drawn by hand. I  made little branches, and overlapped them. That garland tube is one multiple image tube.

Then, i used Bernadette Hunt’s Bubble blobs to decorate. Those are multiple images so clicking here and there would place randomly chosen balls.

I used the gold chain tubes to add… the decorative chain. It is a directional tube which gives this appearance of being a continuous chain.

And to add more festive look, i added a bow made using the Bow #3 script that created a large organza ribbon and tied it into a fluffy bow.

It is yours to enjoy, but for personal use only.

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Free calendar – in October

cass-Calendar2011Did you see the promotion in my store this month? I actually forgot to mention it to you but if you didn’t happen to visit my store yet, you would not have seen it, as it is posted on the main page.

But here it is. If you spend just $10 in my store, this 2011 calendar will automatically be added to your cart.

Each month is on a separate png file so you can use it with just about any program: Paintshop Pro, Photoshop, Gimp, Photofiltre, etc.

You can use them to create some desktop calendars, create some hybrid calendar, or go to your favorite photo print place and print a calendar for your family with their photos, your scrapbook layouts, etc. You can find so many ways to use those and you will be able to enjoy it all year long.

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