Holiday Sample – Wreath


Following the two articles on tubes, i thought it would be appropriate to show you how tubes CAN be used to create an item. So i made this holiday wreath for you.

The green part is actually made from my green garland tubes simply drawn by hand. I  made little branches, and overlapped them. That garland tube is one multiple image tube.

Then, i used Bernadette Hunt’s Bubble blobs to decorate. Those are multiple images so clicking here and there would place randomly chosen balls.

I used the gold chain tubes to add… the decorative chain. It is a directional tube which gives this appearance of being a continuous chain.

And to add more festive look, i added a bow made using the Bow #3 script that created a large organza ribbon and tied it into a fluffy bow.

It is yours to enjoy, but for personal use only.

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