New script – Line Painting

Line Painting script for PaintShop ProWhen I was in school, I remember one art class where we had to use straight lines of different thicknesses to replicate a simple image. I was not very good at that, but I would have loved to have this script, which does it in just a few seconds.

Starting with any image, the script will reduce the number of colors and change it to greyscale to determine the brightness of each section and then fill those sections with straight lines in different thicknesses. In the end, you get various options to finish the project. You can use those line paintings to display photos that have odd colors, or not in focus, or just as a background for your page.

Get it in the store: Line Painting

In order to win these tubes, add a comment on this Facebook post telling us if you have ever done line painting in school (remember, add a comment, not just a Like!) The winner will be announced in the newsletter, next week. Not a subscriber yet? Not a problem. You can register here and it is free (and you only get one email per week).

Halloween word frame in png formatAs a sampler, this week, I created some simple word frames for Halloween. You can colorize those frames to suit your project or your photo.

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New script – Repeat


If you want to create a long border with a specific design, how do you achieve that? Probably with a lot of copy and paste and move, and copy again, paste again and move again. This can be pretty tedious if you want to create a long strip of repeated pattern. And how do you make sure the spacing is perfectly even? That is another challenge.

This script does all the hard work for you and will take just a few seconds. In addition, you get many options in the type of repeats you can get AND you are the one deciding how the spacing should be.

You can have a simple straightforward repeat, but you can also have the design alternating up and down, or have it mirrored, or flipped, or both. You can even have the design overlap if you prefer.

You can use just about anything you want to repeat, whether it is a vector shape, a dingbat, a hand drawn design, an element, even an extracted element from your stash (just beware of any shadowing though).

cass-Repeat-01And since the elements can be left unmerged (if you prefer), you can still tweak them individually, colorizing them, replacing one of two of them, and more.

You can get this very versatile script in my store: Creation Cassel

What could you do with this script? Give us some ideas in this thread in the forum, for a chance to win it.





cass-RepeatFor this week’s free sample, I made this simple frame out of a dingbat that i colored. I used the mirrored repeat and slightly overlapped the first repeat with the original design, then, as the script offered me to merge the first two, i chose a different spacing for the following repeats.

Once a long strip of repeats was done, i selected a smaller portion of the strip to create the sides, and just with duplicates, and mirror and flip, i adjusted each side to create a frame. Very simple to do once you have the basic strip!

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April Promotion

Yes, it is here now. The BIG April Promo is in full swing and you can participate in several different ways.

Spend now, Save later

Every dollar you spend in the store AND the Campus during the whole month will be compiled and will earn you a coupon you can use in a purchase in May. It is simple:

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The Big Show Off

This is where you can show off anything you did (layout, kit, hybrid project, etc.) based on something you learned in the Campus. You link to your project AND to the tutorial, class or tip. You can win one of the fantastic prizes (including one copy of Filter Forge plugin, which DOES work with PSP even if they say it is a Photoshop plugin).

We already have a few great projects posted in the Campus. Check these, from Val, Yobeth and Mireille:

And there are more.

Check out the Big Show Off


Bundle of the week

Until Monday, you can also grab a great deal in the Campus: the Photo-Graphics with PSP bundle is available for $24.99 (instead of $39.99 if you bought them separately).

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Happy Canada Day!



July 1st is our national holiday, here in Canada. To all my fellow Canadian designers and scrappers, have a nice day.

To all scrappers, whether you are Canadian, have visited Canada or wish to come to Canada, you might have some pages to scrap, right? Download this set of bits and pieces, all made using scripts available in my store. This set includes:

- a wax seal

- a bar code

- a datestamp

- a lined paper

- a paper cutout strip

- a maple leaf edged with a rope tube

- a confetti frame

- a word edge cutout template

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If you use one or several of those elements, show me what you made. Next week, i will draw a $5 gift certificate among all the scrappers who will have used one of those and shown me the layout. So, get scrapping!