New tubes – Chicken Wire

Chicken wire tubes for Paintshop Pro If you want to create a rustic design, either as a background or an element, chicken wires might give you just that look.

You can use ready-made chicken wire pictures or vector designs, but here is a great tube that you can shape however you want, with just a draw of your cursor. Make it straight or not so straight, depending on what you want.

You get 12 different "colors" of wires with this set, so you can be even more creative than with regular ordinary wire.

Get this set in the store: Chicken Wire tubes.

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Chicken wire frameAs a sampler, i created this frame (using the Wooden Frame script) and added some wires behind it. I thought that you could possibly add some clothespins and attach various photos or objects, but you could also have a photo placed behind, or even cut the wires and make it even more "rustic".

It is a png format so it could be used in various graphic programs.

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