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Wood frame script for Paintshop ProI know, you can probably create a wood frame very easily, right? Using Paintshop Pro, some tasks are quite easy and creating a wood frame is one of those. However, it still takes a bit of time, and if you want to create a series of frames, for a kit or a collage, it can quickly add up.

This script will create the frame in less than 30 seconds. Yes! You will start with a texture image of wood (you can choose fine wood or old wood), and the script will literally cut pieces to create your frame. No two pieces will be identical (in real life, they never are, right?). The script will also calculate the size of frame you can do based on the starting image dimensions. Also, once you have chosen the inside size of the frame, it will calculate how thick you CAN create the rest of the frame.

As an added detail, there is the option to add rusted nails to the corners, if you chose the overlapped type of corners. Those are picture tubes that you can also use in other projects if you want.

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Would you like to get this script for free? Tell  me if you tend to prefer the overlapped type of corner or the mitered type. Tell me in the comments below and i'll pick a winner next week to be announced in the newsletter. Not a subscriber yet? Not a problem. You can register here and it is free (and you only get one email per week).

Wood frames in png formatHow about a few frames to play with? I created 10 frames for you: 5 have mitered corners and 5 have overlapped corners. Their sizes range from 1000 to 2000 pixels, but you can easily resize them if you need.

They are all in png format so they can be used in just about any program you have.

Most of those frames are pretty rustic as i used worn, old or painted wood images to start. I also adjusted the color of the nails when they were used so they would match the rest of the frame a little better (that is something you can do with the script since everything is left unmerged for you to tweak the individual pieces).

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Corel Challenge

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10 thoughts on “New script – Wood Frame”

  1. Thanks Cassel. I agree with vickir46, the overlap corners are great for rustic, old time type photos, particularly with distressed wood textures, but for a bit of ‘class’ the mitred corners with nice teak, mahogany, cedar etc would look better.

  2. Wow this looks like so much fun. I use frames a lot and can see this script will be extremely handy to have. most of the time i prefer mitered corners. i think they look neater. however, i will also occasionally use the overlapped technique for things such as a rustic, childish, or handmade look

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