New tubes – Natural Ropes

Natural rope tube for Paintshop ProAre you always looking for a rope or string in the size and shape you want but can't find anything ready-made that matches your project? That is when you can REALLY take advantage of these rope tubes for Paintshop Pro.

These are picture tubes, and you can "draw" with them as you would with a brush tool. Make them long, make them short. Make them straight, make them curved, make them twisted. Create "rope doodles" if you want, draw freehand or shape them neatly with a free script (link in the description).

You get 12 different natural rope tubes that you can use to make frames, tie tags, write words, etc.

Grab this set of rope tubes in the store now: Natural Ropes.

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Rope doodle frame in PNGTo show you how versatile these rope tubes can be, i created a doodle frame. First, i drew it with the Pen tool so i could get a vector path. That required some work and tweaking to get the smooth curves. Then, i just ran the VectorTube script to place the rope along the vector path. That was the easy part.

The biggest challenge was to add the shadow ON the rope where the pieces overlap. Since everything was on a single layer, i had to use a few steps:

  • added a shadow on a separate layer
  • selected the area where the shadow should be on top of a rope.
  • promoted that selection and moved it above the rope
  • deleted that duplicated section from the initial shadow layer
  • with the eraser tool, i removed the shadow that appeared on top of the top rope but should NOT be there
  • then, i had to feather the remaining shadow so it would look natural

It was not hard, but it was a bit time consuming. But what do you think of the result? This free download includes a shadowed version and an unshadowed one (in case you need to add your own).

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Will you show me your end result with a photo in the frame? You can also post it on the pinboard HERE. Everyone would LOVE to see your project.

8 thoughts on “New tubes – Natural Ropes”

  1. I live by the ocean, and we see and use ropes every day. I think it would be great to be able to make ropes any shape I wanted!

    Thank you for the chance to win!

    I hope your Mom has more good days than bad. Even if she is in her own little world, she can be happy, and that is what matters.

  2. What would I do with the rope tube? Well, I’d probably create a shape with the preset shapes tool (or maybe draw my own shape) & use the rope tube to make a specialized frame for a picture that I want to highlight on my layout…. Or maybe I’d use it to make a title or to decorate a journaling card that I’d place on my layout. I have a lot of coastal photos from the time we lived in Maine, our trips to PEI & Hawaii, and visits to the grandparents on Cape Cod – something like this would come in handy.

  3. I am so sorry to hear about your mother. I am glad she recognized you at least twice. It is so important to tell our recipes and our stories that only we know or they will be lost when we are gone. I love your natural rope tubes. I would make them thin and hang charms from them.

  4. So sorry to hear about your mother, I’m glad you got to see her. Will be sending up good thoughts for you and her.

    Thanks so much for the frame, I really like it, and I think I could use it on just about any natural type layout.

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