New script – Scallop Pattern 2

cass-ScallopPattern2 You thought that the Scallop Pattern script from last week was a great tool to speed up the process of creating a scallop pattern that used the same "tile" over and over again.

This time, imagine trying to create a scallop pattern but using different colors for the tiles or for the individual rows. This is an even more tedious tasks, since you have more work to do. Now, imagine using using a different color for each individual tile. This is just about impossible to do manually.

Thanks to this new script, Scallop Pattern 2, you have many more options available to you to create totally unique papers.

You can have the tiles alternating in colors, on a single row or alternating by rows. But even more, you can use a gradient and the script will pick the colors from the gradient, and create the tile just at that place, with that color. Now THAT is original!

Grab this script now: Scallop Pattern 2

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cass-ScallopPattern2-TreeFor a little sample, i have this fun Christmas tree paper made out of scallops. In fact, i have to admit that i cheated a bit but i'll show you how to do it.

  • open an image 3600x3600
  • draw a green triangle with a brown rectangle at the base; flatten it
  • run the script and choose the Gradient option
  • when you are asked to choose the gradient, use the Pattern tab instead and pick the tree image you drew; it will appear as one of the patterns, as long as it is open on your workspace
  • the script will use it as if it were a gradient!

Yup, that means that you can use any picture with this script, not only gradients! It might not always yield a fantastic result, but you can surely try and experiment!

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