New script – Custom Photo Cards


Our Custom Playing Cards were a real popular script a few months ago and after seeing some flashcards, i figured that it might be interesting to have photo cards with a word or phrase instead of a single card value.

These cards are a little bit more customizable as you can choose to have square or rectangular cards, and you can choose the card color, the text color, the font and obviously the text itself. And finally, as expected, you can have the photo you want too.

What could you do with those cards? I can imagine having school photos of your child, from kindergarten to graduation, with the grade listed on each card. Or how about having one card made for each member of the family? Or why not use those cards for your Project 365 or 52 to add a date on each photo? Or even just a short description.

You can grab this script in the store. It is the Custom Photo Card script.

But you can also get this script for free. Post your name in this thread in the DST Happy Place section for a chance. I’ll be pick a winner next week.

cass-CustomPhotoCards-DaysWhat would you think of having a card for each day of the week? I created these layered template cards with the days of the week. You can use the Speed Scrap Scripts, or the Clip to it to replace the template with your photo. Or you can also do it manually, if you prefer.

If you want this set of cards, just click HERE. (if the link is not active, just login or register on the top of the page)

You need to be logged in to download this sample. You can either login, or register on the top of this page.

What will you do with those cards? Maybe create a 2 page spread to show photos of your week-long vacation? Whatever you do, just post a link to it so we can admire your masterpiece.

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