New script – Stamps #3

Stamps #3 script for Paintshop ProYou might like the idea of turning a photo into a single stamp, or a full sheet with the same image repeated over and over again, but why not create a full sheet with different photos? This script can let you use a different photo for each individual stamp or use a few photos repeatedly.

The script offers you the choice of the number of rows and columns and the rest will be done automatically for you, after you open one image from the folder where all the photos are stored.

Furthermore, just like a real stamp, you can add text (like the value or the country) and you can be creative and add a date, a location, or a name. Talk about a fun way to display many photos of a single event or theme.

You can get this script in the store: Stamps #3.

If you prefer to create just a single stamp, you can use the Stamp script, and if you want a full sheet with a single image, you can use the Stamps #2 script.

If you want a chance to win this script, add a comment below telling me what text do you think you would add to a series of stamps like these. I`ll announce the winner in the newsletter, next week. Not a subscriber yet? Not a problem. You can register here and it is free (and you only get one email per week).

Stamps 3 script sample - free stamp sheet templateSince this script uses your own photos, i doubt you would have had any use for a full sheet of my photos! So i figured i could make a layered template with this script. You get a PSD file, and you can clip a photo of your choice to it, or just re-size your photos to fit the space available.

After that, you can manually add the date, value, or other text on each individual stamp. Of course, it will be a bit tedious (something you would not have to worry when using the script), but in the mean time, that is one alternative for you, or if you are using a non-PSP program.

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New script – Photo-Stamps


In the old days, stamps were made of a single image that was only repeated throughout the sheet. Over time, we have seen some stamps that were created from larger images that made up 2, 4 or more stamps.

This script will allow you to turn your favorite photo into a full sheet of stamps. All the perforations will line up perfectly, no matter what the size of the image is. The script will resize and crop the image slightly, to make sure of that.

Once you have your image turned into a stamp sheet, you can easily re-connect adjacent stamps by UNERASING the holes, for a unique effect.

Cut off a stamp or two if you want.

This script is available in the store: Photo-Stamps.

Do you want a chance to win this script? Tell me what photo you could see turned into a stamp sheet. Add a comment below. I’ll announce the winner in the newsletter, next week.
cass-PhotoStamps-LLSAs for a sample, since it is a script that is applied to a photo, i obviously didn’t think you would want to use any of MY photos, would you? However, this script can also be used on a paper or a solid color image. That is what i did, and then, i added the letters to individual stamps. You can use this technique to add a fun and unique title with one letter per stamps.

Of course, although the sheet is intact, you CAN remove or cut off some of the stamps. You have a blank one that you can either add a design to, or cut from the sheet. Even the letters that you want to keep, you can separate them from the whole sheet, while still leaving them close enough to have the words legible.

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Although there are great scripts in the store to create various effects, did you hear about the Filter Forge plugin? They say it is for Photoshop, but it works just as well with Paintshop Pro. Check out the little video that shows how to install it.


Then, once you have it installed (even if only the trial version), you will want to add more filters. They have over 10,000 of them. And they are all free to download once you have Filter Forge installed.


Stamp it !

Did you ever dream of being famous enough to see your face printed on a stamp? Or maybe you want to commemorate a specific event? Well, you can do just that with this script. And not only one stamp, but a whole sheet of stamps too! You can have a sheet of 4, or a sheet of 64, and just about anything in between. What do you think of that idea? If you like the idea, you can check out any of my stores as it is available at Creation Cassel.


See what Guyloup has made with that script. Isn't that neat? And after you have a whole sheet of stamps, you can cut out a number of them and create a very original presentation.