Who is Cassel?

Headshot-Carole-300My real name is Carole. I am married and a mother of three young adults living in Atlantic Canada. I am French, first language and English came later.

I have always loved crafts as I have tried many over the years. The most I do now would be computer graphics.

During the day, I am a speech-language pathologist working in the community.

I started using Paintshop Pro, several years ago, when my mom gave me her copy of Paintshop Pro 7 (she had gotten version 8). I learned mostly on my own. At first, I didn’t know what to do with that program, besides following tutorials and someone asked me to create some graphic signatures. I did that for a few months.

ScrapbookDeliveryIn 2005,  I started a project for work in the form of a baby book with language development information. The format was a scrapbook, and since I had access to PSP, I got my first taste of scrapbooking on the computer. That baby book has been published at 5000 copies immediately and distributed free of charge to all the French new moms in our province with the help of sponsors. Isn't that a cool way to help out using scrapbooking? It is easy to see how I  got hooked. It was quite an event when those books got delivered in my tiny office!

On the side, I have only one physical activity, which is my karate class, twice a week. That keeps me a bit active, while I would still prefer to sit at the computer and code! I earned my black belt, in 2007, after 8 years of training. I also enjoy geocaching, when I can get myself away from the computer long enough!

What is Creation Cassel?

I am always searching through my Paintshop Pro tools and functions, and I have found ways to create many scrapbook elements on my own and started to write tutorials. That is when I started a teaching group where members got to learn how to create those elements themselves. This group has been going well for almost 3 years and reached hundreds of scrappers.

In 2007, I stumbled upon something called a "script". It was a script called VectorTube (which I still use regularly), and as I wanted to know how to place those tubes so neatly along a path, so I could teach my students. Unfortunately, I quickly found out that the script was simply smarter than I was and there was no way to manually replicate all that coding. However, this got me very curious about scripts, and early in 2008, I took a scripting course to learn how to write scripts for PSP.

I have always been a bit envious of Photoshop users who seem to have tons of actions and I want PSP users to have also quality scripts.

In 2007, I joined my first consignment store to start selling scripts. Over the years, I sold in several stores, but things have changed a lot, and all those stores have closed, one after the other, even some large ones. This simply led me to the idea of opening my own digital store, a place that would not be dependent of an outside owner, and where I could offer my products at the rate I wanted, offer sales when I wanted, and mostly, be able to answer to customer questions directly, without having to go through a middle person.

In 2009, Creation Cassel opened, and has since, offered products, mostly specialized for Paintshop Pro, but also a few extras. There are currently over 800 products in the store, all created by me, mostly for PSP users. This blog will showcase every new product, and many free samples you can download to see, up close, what those products can create.

If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected] .

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  1. Hi Carol, I just downloaded and extraxted the lined paper and Upper case Cass files.
    I’m searching,but have no idea where they go.
    When you have a minute,would you please fill me in? No rush.
    Thank you so much.

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