New script – Layered Cutouts


Layered paper cutouts script for PaintShop ProIf you have some paper-related projects and you need a fun and unique title, why not use a series of layered outline cutouts? Although this might be a bit tedious to do manually, you are in luck as this script can do that for you in no time.

You can have a single color for all the layers, but you can also have a single color, fading to something lighter, layer by layer. You can also have two alternating colors for each layer or completely random colors, based on your choice of colors. You can choose any font you want and write any letters, digits or dingbats.

So many options to use.

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Layered digits in PNG formatAs a sampler, I used the fading color option starting with dark green. This would be perfect for any St-Pat project, but it could also be used for titles for a birthday or a papercraft event.

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