New script – Shadow Text

Shadow Text script for PaintShop ProAlthough you can probably create a simple shadow from any text and delete the center, doing the same thing with overlapping characters is much more convoluted.

This script will do all that for you while giving you a lot of possibilities since you can choose any text you want, with any font you want (although some fonts will yield better results than others), and furthermore, you can change the color of the letters and even their placement. You really have endless possibilities at your fingertips.

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Shadow text - Days of the weekAs a sampler, I created these 7 days of the week. I created them in black so you can colorize them to match your project. As you see, they are also in a curved arrangement. I did that by moving the letters, one by one, before completing the script. Doesn't that give an interesting result?

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  1. I have won this script (Facebook) and I’m very glad I did, because you can get a different look for the text/title on your project. And you can make those in the font and color of your choice. Thanks for making this one.

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