New script – Brick Wall 2

Although you might want a regular pattern of brickwork, sometimes, some irregularities are wanted for a different look.

This script will create a fun pattern brick wall based on any color palette you want (up to 6 colors) with uneven lengths of bricks. Each run of the script will yield a different result even with the same color palette because of the random selection of each color for each brick.

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Brick wall patternAs a sample of what can be done with this script, I am offering you a set of three full-size brick walls, in monochrome colors that you can use for your summer projects. Use it as a background or cut it into a frame or other shapes you need.

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2 thoughts on “New script – Brick Wall 2”

  1. HELP!!!
    I’ve spent hours–literally—trying to download many of the freebie scripts/frames/etc. to my PSP 2019. I tried to follow your directions–How to install scripts. I have downloaded the zipped files I want to open – Windows 10- extracts the files without having to go through WinZip. I am putting them in the C: user\ documents\Corel Paint Shop Pro\2019 and under the restricted scripts. When I open up PSP 2019 and want to apply a script—I go to the restricted scripts and nothing is there. Any helpful hints would be appreciated!
    Thanks so much,
    Pennie Redmond
    Lexington KY

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