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Bow script for Paintshop ProBows, bows, and more bows. This definitely not the first bow script, and it likely won't be the last either. Various projects seem to require a different type of bow. Sometimes you want it super simple, sometimes you want it flat, sometimes you want it loopy, and sometimes, you want it with multiple loops. This is what the newest script offers you.

Starting with a straight ribbon, the script will create a bow with 8 loops (yeah, that took a while to code!) and will even add a little brad in the center based on the colors of your starting ribbon. Keep it or replace it with something more appropriate for your project or the theme. Use this bow as is or as the base for a cluster.

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In order to win this script, add a comment on this Facebook post telling us if you prefer simple bows with only two loops, or bows with multiple loops (remember, add a comment, not just a Like!) The winner will be announced in the newsletter, next week. Not a subscriber yet? Not a problem. You can register here and it is free (and you only get one email per week).

Sample bow in .pspimage formatFor a sample, I created a simple lace ribbon and ran it through the script. I then converted both the ribbon and the bow into a greyscale which gives you a fairly white result. Since they are monochrome, you can always colorize them to match your project, or keep it as is and just add a colored center.

The bow is in .pspimage format, with the bow and the center on separate layers. The ribbon is also included so you can use it on other projects.

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