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Mosaic Photo script for Paintshop ProYou might have seen tutorials on how to turn a regular large photo into a mosaic using smaller photos. It might not be too hard, but you can create that exact effect in less than a minute with this script for Paintshop Pro.

Start with a large image, and run the script. Follow the prompts and you will see your image turned into a mosaic using 1, 2, 3 or 4 different images of your choice.

Make sure you read the README file as you will have to edit the script to match the configuration of your own Paintshop Pro and your own computer (I can't guess that part for you).

Get this script in the store: Mosaic Photo.

For a chance to win this script, tell me if you ever tried to achieve that effect, and if you did, how you did it. Post your answer in the comments below. I'll pick a winner and announce it in the newsletter, next week. Not a subscriber yet? Not a problem. You can register here and it is free (and you only get one email per week).

Cluster Templates in PSD format for scrapbookingSince it is impossible for me to give you a sample using a photo that would be of any interest for you, I decided to see what other sampler you seemed to have liked, and I found out that the Cluster Templates were a big hit, so I created three more for your own use.

They are in PSD format, so they can be used by non-PSP users.

Each one is about 3500 pixels in width, so they could be used on a full size scrapbook project, or you can size them down to fit your project.

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