New script – Photo Mosaic

cass-PhotoMosaicIf you have photos and you want to display them in a new and original way, have you tried to make a mosaic?

This can also be a great way to hide the errors on a not-perfect photo, whether it is a color issue, a blurriness issue, etc.

This script will help you turn any photo, of any size, into a mosaic. You can choose the size of each tile. You can choose to have lines between the tiles, how thick and what color. You can also choose whether you want a lot of variations between the tiles or just a little.

And best of all, you can override the script by removing any area that you find are changed too much from the original; the script will place guides, and activate the Selection tool for you and a copy of the original image will be left underneath, so it will be very easy to remove one segment from the "mosaic" layer and just display the image below. That is one way to make sure that the important details are easy to see (like your baby's face, or the birthday cake).

You can get this fun photo script in the store: PhotoMosaic.

Would you like to get this script for free? Just post a comment below about how you think you could use this script and i'll will announce a winner in the newsletter next week. Not a subscriber yet? Not a problem. You can register here and it is free (and you only get one email per week).

cass-PhotoMosaic_Overlay4x6Since this script is run on a photo, and sending you one of my photo probably wont help you, i decided to play around a little. I used a grey based, the size of a 4x6 inch photo. I ran the script on that base, and got a series of tiles in different shades of grey. You can use that as an overlay on top of any of your photos, and adjust the blend mode. Depending on the starting photo you have, different blend modes might work, and others, not.

The file is a psd format as there is a "tile" layer and also a "line" layer in case you want to add some lines (which you can also colorize if you want).

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So, which photo will deserve a mosaic treatment? Don't hesitate to show them. Pin them on Pinterest, on our own board HERE (ask for an invite and you will get it!)

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