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You can probably find a few tickets in your stash, maybe from game night theme kits, but what if you don’t want to create a game night theme project? What if you want to use those tickets for a completely different purpose?

This Paintshop Pro script will create a series of admission tickets (or you can create a single one if you prefer) with sequential numbers on each ticket. Or you can add custom text instead, like a date, a name or an event.

Use the center area to include a design, a message, or an image. You get to choose so many options.

No more game night theme for you. Have a series of tickets in Christmas colors for your holiday layout. Or create some pink ones with various heart brushes or design. Or maybe add a single letter on each ticket to spell out the name of a grandchild?

You can get this script in the store: Admission Tickets.

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This week, being close to Halloween, i created a set of 6 tickets attached together. They each have a number, but in a sequence. Unlike traditional tickets, the lines are white on black paper. After all, in digital, we can do things that are not seen in real life!

Each ticket has a little Halloween design on it. It is easy to add a vector shape or a brush stamp on those tickets. Of course, you can use all the tickets together, or you can cut them off.

I am also including a “blank” set of tickets, without the designs in the middle so you can add your own.

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Remember to show us how you use those tickets!

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