New Font – Sewing Machine Font


It is always fun to have some stitched text but sewing it, scanning it and extracting it is too much work for most (including me), so i created this font somewhat from my own handwriting.

Being a script font, it is a bit more work to get the letters to attach together properly but i think this one will become one of your favorite. If some letters don’t perfectly attach, you can just blame it on the machine!

The font includes lower case, upper case, digits, punctuation and several accented characters too.

Since this is a font, it is useable with Paintshop Pro, Photoshop, Photoshop Element and probably other programs, as long as they can use outside fonts.

You can grab this font in the store, at Creation Cassel.

You have a chance to win this font by just adding your name to this thread in the forum and tell me what program you are using. Remember that it can be used with probably all graphic programs. I will be back on Monday with the name of a winner (send your friends over too!).



This week, i sent the font to my CT members and Jessica created those fun stitched labels. They are huge in size so you can size them down to just about anything you need.

With such a font, you can surely think of other types of labels you could create or text to write.

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This font will work particularly well with the other Stitches fonts like the Basic Stitches or the Decorative Stitches if you have a craft or a sewing theme layout. Or, how about combining text with this font and the Clothes Label script? This is a combo made in heaven!

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