Ribbon Tree winner–Congratulations to Eileen

tree-05Thank you to all those who voted for their favorite ribbon tree in last week’s contest.

I am pleased to announce that the entry #5 is a winner by grabbing a whopping 46% of the popular vote.

This #5 entry was submitted by Eileen, a regular customer of the store, and also a student of the Campus.

As the winner of this contest, Eileen earned herself a $15 coupon for the store. In addition, everyone else who submitted entries got a $3 coupon.

If you want to create your own unique ribbon tree, you can do so using the same script that Eileen used, the Ribbon Tag Tree script.


cass-ChristmasCard-RibbonTree-05-previewWith this great ribbon tree, I created a fun printable holiday card. This card has no text so you can use it in any language, and add whatever title you want. You can also add a handwritten note inside for your loved ones, your friends, or anyone else you want to send good wishes to.

You can grab it on the store Facebook fan page, under the Fan Freebie tab. Of course, you need to “like” that page.

Already a fan of the Creation Cassel? Just head over to this page.

Not a fan yet? Go to the same page, and “like” us.

And send your friends over too! You dont know what else will be in that freebie page!

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