New script–Brushed Metal


Do you like the look of brushed metal on elements? Do you want to create your OWN elements with a brushed metal texture? Do you want that texture to be totally unique? This is for you.

This script for Paintshop Pro, will create a brushed metal texture. No tile. No pattern. It will CREATE one in every run. You can get a gold, silver, brass or bronze metal effect. And you can get it embossed also by using a black and white design to start with.

Each run will be slightly different. The color will be slightly different. The brushed effect will be slightly different. So it will look like custom made element instead of something mass-produced.

Use this script to create alphas, wordart, frames, plates, or maybe turn a photo into a black and white (not grey) image and make it a bronze picture!

Once the script is finished, you can still tweak it to your liking, with a brightness/contrast adjustment, adding your own bevel around or some engraving.

You can grab this script in my store: Creation Cassel

What is your favorite metal from this set? Tell me in this thread in the Happy Place and you get a chance to win it. That is simple!

cass-BrushedMetal1-sampleFor the weekly freebie, i created this set of frames using the Gold option of the script. I made one frame pretty plain, and one with added gemstones.  They are both in png format and are 1000x1000 pixels in size.

You can use the plain frame and add any other decorative element to it, whether it is gemstones, glitters, or a ribbon around one of the edge. Make it YOURS by customizing it. There are so many options.

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