What is a script anyways? (part 2)

Last week, we saw a few basics about scripts. Let’s continue the list of common questions.


Can scripts work on all PSP versions?

Yes, on all versions of PSP, 8 and above. However, the compatibility of any script with your version will depend greatly on the person who coded them, the type of script and the version it is created with. For example, if someone is recording a script with her PSPX2 and uses the pick tool, that script will NOT work in PSP9, simply because that pick tool does not exist in PSP9 so the script will fail. However, if a recorded script uses only tools that are also present in PSP9, it is more likely to work, although it is not certain either. There are various particularities in just about all the versions that have to be known, understood and taken into consideration by the scripter to create a script compatible with all versions. Unfortunately, too many people have limited knowledge of the scripting language and are not able to render their script compatible with previous versions so if you want to download or buy a script, make sure it is compatible with your particular version.


Some scripts go in the Restricted scripts folder and some go in the Trusted scripts folder. What is the difference?

As stated before, scripts are commands that will be executed for you. Some commands might have an effect on your computer or that cannot be simply undone with a Ctrl-z. Such commands include saving files to your computer, closing a file or using some more advanced Python commands. To keep your computer safe, the only scripts allowed to perform such tasks have to be in the TRUSTED scripts folder. It is a way for the computer to know that you TRUST those scripts to not cause any damage to your computer. So, to be on the safe side of things, always save a script in the RESTRICTED scripts folder, unless specifically asked by the scripter. It is a good habit to take.


My PSP is not in English, will scripts work?

Yes. Scripts are written in Python language and that is English based, even if your PSP is in a different language. Although the language of the coding is English, the message window could be coded in any language the scripter chooses. In my scripts, for example, I have a special code that will give you a French message if you are using a French version of Paintshop, and an English message in all other cases. Since I only know French and English, I could not code messages for other languages.


Hey! Photoshop has scripts too!

Yes, Photoshop has scripts, and they are also a set of commands, but coded in Photoshop’s language so they cannot be read by PSP. The scripts made for Paintshop Pro will not work with Photoshop, simply because PSP and PS use a different language. It is like a recipe written in English cannot be followed by an Inuktitut cook. In the same way, actions written for Photoshop will not work in Paintshop and vice versa.


Where to find good scripts?

Well, glad you asked! Where to find scripts will likely depend on what kind of scripts you want. I have been coding scripts for a few years now. I would not do painting scripts because I have no talent to paint or draw! So, many of my scripts are tool scripts offering many options. Check them out in my store. Almost all of them are compatible with PSP8 and up and I have a few free ones so give them a try and see what they can do for you.

Here are other sources for good photo and tool scripts





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