New script – Wooden Puzzle 3

Wooden puzzle script for PaintShop ProYou can now turn any clipart, design or vector element into a fun wooden puzzle  or a flat marquetry project.

You can create a wooden puzzle and move pieces around, or have a flat wooden project.

You can add a background or not. The script will use a dozen different wood textures that will be used based on the brightness of each section of your design.

Get this script in the store: Wooden Puzzle 3

In order to win this script, add a comment on this Facebook post telling us whether you are more likely to create a puzzle or a marquetry project (remember, add a comment, not just a Like!) The winner will be announced in the newsletter, next week. Not a subscriber yet? Not a problem. You can register here and it is free (and you only get one email per week).

Wooden Christmas bauble puzzlesFor samplers, I created two puzzles with movable pieces in the shape of Christmas baubles. You can colorize the pieces if you want, or use them as-is. They are in .pspimage format.

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New script – Puzzle 6×6


Do you like puzzles? Do you dream of turning your favorite photo into a puzzle? You can probably do it with some plugins in PSP but most of them do not allow you to tweak, move, rotate, or remove pieces at will.

This script will do just that. Take a square photo and run the script. You can also use a rectangular image, but obviously, the pieces will be somewhat stretched, but it is a puzzle anyway, so maybe it won’t matter too much!

You can grab this puzzling script here: Puzzle 6x6 script.

And remember that you also have the possibility to get other puzzle scripts.

Puzzle 4x4
Puzzle 4x6
Puzzle 5x5
Puzzle Round

Do you want a chance to win this script? Post a comment in the box below telling me if you ever created a puzzle from a photo and if so, how you did it. I’ll be back next week with the name of a winner.

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cass-MiteredCornerFrame-04As a little gift this week, i obviously could not create a puzzle for you since you would surely prefer to use your own photo than any of mine. So i decided to give you a little frame made of corner brushes and the Mitered frame script. All the details of how i created it, will be in the newsletter.

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News from the Campus

BrushVariance-400Did you know that the recording from the last live presentation is up for you to watch for free in the Campus?

Check it out!

And since there was so much stuff to cover, there is a need for a second part on the same topic. It is already scheduled to be on August 3rd, at the same time.

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