New script – Scatter Brush

Scatter Brush script for PaintShop ProCreating a seamless background design is fairly easy when using PaintShop Pro, but covering a whole surface in random design is much more challenging. In addition, trying to avoid overlaps is an added difficulty.

This script will take a single brush tip of your choice and cover any surface with it, in a random manner. You won't see any repeat and very little overlap. This will be perfect for backgrounds.

Get it in the store: Scatter Brush

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Scattered background design for summer and winterFor a sample of this script, I am sharing two full-size papers: one for your winter projects and one for summer. For the winter paper, I manually added the white pompoms while I locked the transparency on the layer. It is a little tedious but the result is worth it. For the summer paper, I used a dolphin brush in blues and added a few starfish afterward. Both papers are available with a background (in jpg format) and without (in png format).

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