New script – Paper Fringe

Paper Fringe script for PaintShop ProIn order to create a paper fringe with PaintShop Pro, you will need to cut your element multiple times, and then, warp each piece one by one. But there is a problem: how do you warp one piece of paper without warping the next one? Well, there is a way to do it, but it is tedious, which is why this script will be a time saver.

With various options in the orientation, length, width, and regularity of the slits, there is also randomness integrated into the script to allow for a different result every time you run it, even if using the same settings and the same starting image.

Get it in the store: Paper Fringe

And see what you can do when you repeat the script using multiple strips of colored papers.

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As a sample, I created this square frame from four strips of paper that were run through the script, one by one, and then put together to make the frame. I added a little contrasting border to add some interest. Now, you can showcase your favorite photo.

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