New script – Glitters C

Glitters script for PaintShop ProUsing a glitter tile can be a quick way to add glitters to a project, however, if you need that on a large surface, you might end up with a repeated pattern (even if it is seamless).

Glitter tiles would not allow you to add glitters in a "gradient" way, nor to use a pattern. This is what this script can do for you. Instead of creating a TILE that will repeat, it will generate glitters on the whole surface of a layer, the same size as your active image. This means there will never be a visible seam or repeat. And you can use it with a gradient or a pattern too.

Get it in the store: Glitters C

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Glittered Alphabet in PNG formatFor a freebie, I generated a golden glitter sheet and used it to cut out a simple alphabet. Each letter is about 350 pixels. The original glitters paper (3600x3600 pixels) is also included for you to use to create other matching elements.

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