New script – Cutout

Cutout script for Paintshop ProWith this script, you can pretend that you cut out the top layer of your project to show something underneath, while in fact, you cheated and what you see underneath is actually on top.

This allows you to move your "cutout" piece anywhere on your project, or on a separate project if you want to. Save it for future use too and the effect will be applied wherever you place the shape.

The edges will look like the paper is slightly curled up, so make sure you place it on a layer that looks like paper (curled up wood would not look too realistic!)

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Stencil cut out digits in png formatTo show how these cutout shapes can be portable, I used a stencil font to create a set of white digits. They are png format so you can use them anywhere, on any project and give the impression that your paper is cut, and curled up to show these numbers. You will obviously get better results if you don't use a very dark paper!

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