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Strip cluster maker script for Paintshop ProMaking clusters can be a great way to expand a kit you want to sell, or a way to use a kit you just purchased.

Making clusters can be a tedious task however. This script will help you as it will serve as a starting point, in gathering a certain number of long elements (like ribbons, tapes, stitching) and other elements (like flowers, buttons, tags, knots, etc.).

You can generate as many strip clusters as you want, from the elements in a single folder. You can create horizontal strips or vertical ones. Did you know that it is not a good idea to rotate a strip cluster that is already made? The shadows will be showing in the wrong angle, and any light source indication will also be inaccurate, giving an odd looking result in the end. So this script will NOT rotate any element (except the long elements) but will place them in  a vertical arrangement, if that is what you want.

You can also choose to have few elements on the cluster or a fuller arrangement.

Since the script cannot "see" the result, it will not know if it looks good or not. That is YOUR task. But the script will have given you a starting point, from which you can rearrange the elements, add new ones, remove some.

A time saving tool for you: Strip Cluster Maker.

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Strip ClusterThis week, with Heather T's permission, i am giving you the exact strip cluster that I made using this script.

It is 3600x700 pixels in size, in PNG format. It also includes all the shadows for realism (including the lifted thread on the left).

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